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Intuitive Eating

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Find peace with food

With over 125 studies (so far!) to back it up, Intuitive Eating leads to:

Greater body appreciation

More life satisfaction

Greater motivation to move your body (in a non-militant way!)

Lower depressive symptoms

Less binge eating

Lower Triglyceride levels

Less emotional eating

Lower blood pressure

More pleasure from eating

Higher psychological hardiness

These claims are all firmly rooted in rigorous scientific investigations. And what does science further reveal?

Diets do not work.

Diets lead to weight gain.

Diets can trigger eating disorders.

Diets cause harm.

There are 10 principles of intuitive eating

  1. Reject The Diet Mentality

  2. Honor Your Hunger

  3. Make Peace With Food

  4. Challenge The Food Police

  5. Discover The Satisfaction Factor

  6. Feel Your Fullness

  7. Cope With Your Emotions With Kindness

  8. Respect Your Body

  9. Movement - Feel The Difference

  10. Honor Your Health With Gentle Nutrition

Melissa is one of only 1,500 (to date) Certified Intuitive Eating Counselors WORLDWIDE, making her an invaluable resource in this transformative journey. It's time to start your journey.


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